Stage controllers supported in ROS?

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I am using ROS (Indigo 1.11.16) with Stage to simulate my robot. I would like to simulate its navigation through a crowd of wandering people. Ideally, I would define a custom "" model, populate the world file with such model, and associate the classic wander control to it. I already used controllers some years ago within Stage standalone.

Now, however, It seems like there is almost no support for Stage. The link to the tar.gz archive provided in the ROS wiki tutorial doesn't exist anymore.

I have found this post stating that ROS doesn't yet support writing of stage controllers, but it is dated 2012 and I have no idea if there have been updates since. A more recent search result I've found is this github ticket about icompatibility between "wander" controller and stage_ros. It is dated Dec. 2015 and still open.

I'm having a really hard time telling what is currently the state of compatibility between ROS, Stage, and specifically Stage controllers. On one hand it seems like they are not supported, on the other hand it seems that people still use them. Could you tell me clearly if, and how, it is possible to write stage controllers? If not, what would be the simplest alternative? Please remark that I do not want to give a stage controller to the robot, but to simulated humans (or dynamic obstacles etc.).

Thank you

EDIT: The link has been updated and the archive can be downloaded again, however the rest of the tutorial is still out of date. The roomba example is no more compatible with current version of Stage.

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