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Build a controller from scratch

asked 2011-03-23 23:37:12 -0500

mbj gravatar image

Hi everybody!

After making a "stable" URDF of the robot that I want to simulate and make some tests with it in Gazebo, I'm trying to build a controller for teleop with it. Searching in the web I only found manuals and references from the pr2_controller.

It is essential inherit and implement PR2 classes like pr2_controller_manager, pr2_controller_interface...? There is any generic driver base? Actuators are essential?

Can anyone put some order into this chaos and explain briefly the steps in this process?

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2 Answers

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answered 2011-03-24 05:59:19 -0500

sglaser gravatar image


Work your way through the pr2_mechanism tutorials. They describe how to implement and run a custom controller.

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answered 2011-03-25 05:10:08 -0500

hsu gravatar image

there's also an example in pr2_examples_gazebo package, take a look at the single_link example for a very simple controller implementation in gazebo.

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