Vibrating dlr hit hand in Gazebo, how to calculate safety_controller values? [closed]

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I am trying to control a DLR HIT hand in Gazebo. The hand is loaded in the simulator, and I can also control it. But it is vibrating hard. I tried changing the safety_controller and the limit values in the urdf file but the vibrations increased, or if they decreased then I could barely control the hand.

limit lower="-0.261799388" upper="0.261799388" effort="100" velocity="10" safety_controller k_velocity="0.5" k_position="0.5" soft_lower_limit="${-0.261799388 + 0.1}" soft_upper_limit="${0.261799388 - 0.1}"

Does anyone know how can I calculate the values from safety_controller, and from the limit?

Thanks, Andrei

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