Adding two robots in gazebo with different gps coordinates [closed]

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OK I have a problem I have two robots with GPS plugin in Gazebo , and they have the same reference latitude and longitutde (for example 0,0) so they show the same result on gps topic 0,0. So it's assumed that they are in the same place, but of course they don't. So what I should do to separate these reference coordinates and gain dependency between these two robots? I mean that for example position of the one robot is 0,0 and the other is 21,31?

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This is really a Gazebo question, specifically about one of the simulated sensors. Please ask these kind of questions over at, as you'll have a better chance of getting answers then.

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2016-12-23 03:08:30 -0500 )edit