pointgrey_camera_driver crashes when topics are echoed

asked 2016-05-22 16:40:19 -0500

mitch gravatar image

updated 2016-05-22 16:46:25 -0500

With Unbuntu 14.04 and Indigo, I cloned the pointgrey_camera_driver to catkinws/src and did catkin_make install. When I:

roslaunch pointgrey_camera_driver camera.launch

if I

rostopic echo /camera/image_color

the camera_nodelet_manager process dies. I don't know where the problem might be. This did work at one time. Also FlyCapture works.

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Were you able to fix the problem? I am facing similar issue.

Thanks for your help.

staljbs gravatar image staljbs  ( 2017-04-11 18:16:00 -0500 )edit

No, sorry. And I haven't looked at it in quite a while.

mitch gravatar image mitch  ( 2017-04-11 19:00:56 -0500 )edit