Bumblebee 2 Pointgrey_camera_driver Format7 error

asked 2015-05-08 03:33:56 -0500

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I already got the Bumblebee 2 running with camera1395stereo driver, however I decide to compare this with the pointgrey_camera_driver and I cant seem to get it working. The first issue was the camera was only detected under root access, and when running camera.launch everything works fine and i can get image feed. However when trying to run bumblebee.launch i get the following error:

[ERROR] [1431072377.545247089]: Reconfigure Callback failed with error: PointGreyCamera::setFormat7 Error validating Format 7 settings | FlyCapture2::ErrorType 22Error setting Format 7 information.

*** Error in/opt/ros/indigo/lib/nodelet/nodelet': free(): invalid size: 0x00007f51cc0a45d0 *`

Which as it indicates is a configuration issue which I cant seem to resolve any one got idea? or experienced this before? PS. besides what are the advantages of using pointgrey_camera_driver over camera1395stereo??


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Any update?

jeremya gravatar image jeremya  ( 2015-09-29 16:47:01 -0500 )edit