Need to purchase highly accurate inertial navigation system (INS). Suggestions?

asked 2015-06-22 10:58:16 -0600

matthewbaran gravatar image

Can anyone recommend an accurate INS under $5000? I need to measure relative position in the cm range for < ~30 seconds and (roll, pitch, yaw) < 1 deg at a >= 30 Hz rate. I don't care about absolute certainty.

I looked into Google's Project Tango, and it appears to achieve cm accuracy through fusion and visual odometery. This might be acceptable, but I'm okay spending more money if that will yield a better solution.

I'd also like for this system to be relatively straightforward to use, where I don't have to do the sensor fusion myself and I can access the hardware through some interface. If there's a nice hardware solution and a supporting ROS package, that's great.

Is $5000 even enough for this type of accuracy? Any recommendations would be fantastic...

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