how to send arm trajectory plan in rvis to dynamixel controller [closed]

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I have been able to successfully get the arm navigation wizard to work with the crustcrawler smart arm and I am able to move arm joints in the visualizer and then run the "plan" option and have it generate a trajectory plan.

I am also able to separately run the crustcrawler arm controller and send single joint messages to move arm joints to a position (ex. rostopic pub -1 /shoulder_pan_controller/command std_msgs/Float64 -- -0.5)

What I really need help with is how to connect the dots between setting a plan in rviz with the arm navigation stack and then sending that to the dynamixel controller.

I would very much appreciate any suggestions on how to bridge the gap between what is in the visualizer and how to turn that into a goal for the dynamixel_controller package.

Thanks, -Scott

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This question is very broad. Please read the arm_navigation documentation and ask more specific questions when they arise.

tfoote gravatar image tfoote  ( 2013-01-27 07:44:24 -0600 )edit