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arbotix support for dual dynamixel gripper (like the smart arm gripper)

asked 2012-06-29 09:56:05 -0500

Scott gravatar image

I am migrating my arm from a smart arm controlled by the dynamixel stack to the turtlebot arm controlled with the arbotix stack. However, I really like the wider dual servo structure of my smart arm and I wanted to know if the arbotix stack supports a dual servo gripper layout. Imagine a turtlebot arm with the dual servo gripper from the smart arm. Thanks for any feedback. -Scott

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answered 2012-07-08 17:48:06 -0500

fergs gravatar image

The arbotix_controllers package has several gripper controllers. The one you're looking for is the Here is a snippet of the launch file I use for my robot, Maxwell:

  <node name="gripper_controller" pkg="arbotix_controllers" type="">
      <param name="pad_width" value="0.0381" />
      <param name="finger_length" value="0.08255" />
      <param name="center_left" value="0.18" />
      <param name="center_right" value="0.18" />
      <param name="invert_left" value="True" />

The controller basically assumes that the base and opening of the fingers form the sides of a parallelogram. The pad_width is the distance between the two servo horn centers. The finger length is the distance from the servo horn to the "grasping point" on the finger (this may not be the end of the fingers). The "center" parameters then set the radian values for each servo when the fingers are parallel. Finally, you can use the invert_x parameter to reverse a particular servo.

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Thanks for the reply Michael. Can't wait to try it. btw I am a huge Maxwell fan and hope to build a Maxwell of my own in the not too distant future.

Scott gravatar image Scott  ( 2012-07-10 05:09:11 -0500 )edit

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