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Hi, I am using the newly release openrave crustcrawler-ax12.zae file that has been released as part of the openrave supported robots and I am getting an error when I try to get it working in the simulation server. If I don't try to output it to the screen, it works fine.. Command: rosrun openrave_robot_control simulationserver output="screen" --robotfile ~/ros_packages/openrave_planning/openrave/share/openrave-0.4/robots/crustcrawler-ax12.zae --jointname J0 --jointname J1 --jointname J2 --jointname J3 --jointname J4 --jointname J5 --jointname Jwrist --jointname JLR But when I either just add output="screen" after simulation server entry above or when I try to run it as a lauch file (modified from the wam_sim.launch....I get the following errors. (same errors for both either way I try it).

Here is the modified code for my custom launch file which I call crustcrawler_sim.launch modified from wam_sim.launch

<launch> <machine name="crustcrawler" address="localhost"/> <node machine="crustcrawler" name="crustcrawler" pkg="openrave_robot_control" type="simulationserver" respawn="false" output="screen" args="--robotfile robots/crustcrawler-ax12.zae --manipname arm --maxvelmult 1.0"> </node> <node machine="crustcrawler" name="openrave" pkg="openrave_robot_control" type="" respawn="false"> <env name="PYTHONPATH" value="$(optenv PYTHONPATH):$(find openrave)/share/openrave"/> <env name="OPENRAVE_PLUGINS" value="$(optenv OPENRAVE_PLUGINS):$(find openrave)/share/openrave/plugins:$(find openrave_robot_control)/lib"/> </node> <sphinxdoc>

.. image:: launch/images/wam_sim.png :width: 400

]]></sphinxdoc> </launch>

Here are the names of the links and the joints from inspecting the crustcrawler-ax12.zae file Joints list: J0 J1 J2 J3 J4 J5 Jwrist JLR Links list: base arm0 arm1 arm2 arm3 arm4 arm5 hand0 hand1 LowerRight RightClaw UpperRight LowerLeft LeftClaw UpperLeft

Any help would be appreciated. I want to feel confident I can control the arm in the simulator before I try to really control it using the dynamixel package. -Scott

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