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chart recorder for ROS?

asked 2011-05-12 21:07:51 -0600

AndrewStraw gravatar image

updated 2011-05-13 09:59:12 -0600

Any suggestions for strip chart recorder software for use when viewing live (and recorded) streams of timeseries data? Ideally, the software would have a nice GUI that allows one to zoom both vertically and horizontally and show multiple ROS topics simultaneously.

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answered 2011-05-13 04:52:54 -0600

mjcarroll gravatar image

I think what you are looking for is rxplot.

This will produce a strip chart that updates for you while ROS is running. It can also be used with playback.

For pure playback, you can use rxbag. rxbag is also slightly more extensible than rxplot, and you can right plugins for visualizing any application specific data you may need.

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Actually I learned recently (over here: that you can also use rxbag to plot topics at runtime, and not only when playing back bagfiles.
Patrick Bouffard gravatar imagePatrick Bouffard ( 2011-05-13 09:57:19 -0600 )edit
Well that's just awesome. Today I Learned.
mjcarroll gravatar imagemjcarroll ( 2011-05-13 13:02:21 -0600 )edit
The problem with rxbag is that it cannot plot simultaneously data from different topics (in the same figure). rxplot can
brice rebsamen gravatar imagebrice rebsamen ( 2011-10-13 15:04:33 -0600 )edit

answered 2011-08-25 01:55:20 -0600

AndrewStraw gravatar image

updated 2011-08-25 01:55:54 -0600

I also just discovered streamvis, which looks interesting. (I haven't tried it yet.)

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