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Java-based desktop application to control ROS

asked 2015-02-17 10:20:23 -0500

nouf gravatar image


I need to program GUI for controlling ROS as java-based desktop application

I know that I may need to use rosjava, but I didn't find any tutorial that demonstrate how to use it.

Can someone help?

Thank you

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Is Java a strict requirement, or are you just looking for an easy way to put together a GUI for controlling ROS apps? Have you looked into rqt?

Tom Moore gravatar image Tom Moore  ( 2015-02-17 10:35:06 -0500 )edit

Java is not a mandatory requirement. But why not Java? I will take a look at rqt but also i wanted to know why rqt but not java? Thanks

nouf gravatar image nouf  ( 2015-02-17 22:28:22 -0500 )edit

Also, can i Connect to a database using rqt?

nouf gravatar image nouf  ( 2015-02-18 00:32:23 -0500 )edit

Thank you Tom. How can I use these plugins? I'm beginner in using ROS.

nouf gravatar image nouf  ( 2015-02-18 11:41:38 -0500 )edit

The rqt wiki page has a list of available plugins and a tutorial on how to write your own.

Tom Moore gravatar image Tom Moore  ( 2015-02-18 12:08:07 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-02-18 08:26:56 -0500

Tom Moore gravatar image

rqt was designed to allow you to rapidly throw together a GUI for your ROS-based robot. It already has a bunch of plugins written for it, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. I don't know if there's a plugin for connecting to databases, but you could always write one.

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