How to turn on Anti Aliasing (FSAA) setting in ogre to remove jaggedness of planes - Gazebo (ROS electric) [closed]

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I'm making 3D boxes in Gazebo (ROS Electric) by creating 6 planes (one for each face), and applying textures on each plane. The rendering engine being used is OGRE. However, there is jaggedness on the edges where any two planes meet. I believe that by turning on anti aliasing (FSAA) setting, this could be resolved. I couldn't find the configuration file for OGRE in the Ogre package of visualization_common stack. I also couldn't figure out if we can turn on the setting in the world file.

The code snippet for rendering in the world file is as follows:

<rendering:ogre> <ambient>1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0</ambient> <sky> <material>Gazebo/CloudySky</material> </sky> <grid>false</grid> <maxupdaterate>10</maxupdaterate> </rendering:ogre>

Is there any parameter that we can define in the world file to turn on the setting? Or any ogre configuration file where these settings could be defined? Kindly help me figure this out.


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