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image_geometry project3d to pixel

asked 2011-02-24 19:35:01 -0600

KoenBuys gravatar image

I'm getting multiple projections of 3d points to the same pixel which don't coincide with the 3D ray but parallel with the image plane. This can be seen here:

image description

I'm unable to find an error in my code or in the re-projection function (CODE API)

This is my code fragment in which I calculate it:

void calculateVoxels (void)
 Point2d uv;
 Point3d pt_cv;
 int width, height;
 double vox_number = 0;

 width = cam_model_.reducedResolution().width;
 height = cam_model_.reducedResolution().height;

 cloud_.width    = WORLD_RESOLUTION;
 cloud_.height   = 1;
 cloud_.is_dense = false;
 cloud_.points.resize (WORLD_RESOLUTION);
 ///Only calculate if the image and the camera info are received.
 if(image_rec_ & cam_info_rec_){
 double x, y , z;
 int a=0;
 int b=0;
 int c=0;
 for(x = WORLD_BEGIN_X; x < WORLD_MAX_X; a++){
  b = 0;
  for(y = WORLD_BEGIN_Y; y < WORLD_MAX_Y; b++){
    c = 0;
    for(z = WORLD_BEGIN_Z; z < WORLD_MAX_Z; c++){
      pt_cv = Point3d(x, y, z);

      ///WARNING!: (u,v) in rectified pixel coordinates!
      uv = cam_model_.project3dToPixel(pt_cv);

      ///@todo : check this, might be inverse
      ///Only if it falls on the image plane
      if((uv.x < height) && (uv.y < width) && (uv.x >=0) && (uv.y >= 0)){

        if(<int>(uv) != 0){
          world_[a][b][c] = 255;           ///Start indexing from 0,0,0 in the array!

          ///Also create the pointcloud
          cloud_.points[vox_number].x = x;
          cloud_.points[vox_number].y = y;
          cloud_.points[vox_number].z = z;
          vox_number ++;
          world_[a][b][c] = 0;
      z= z + WORLD_STEP_Z;
    y= y + WORLD_STEP_Y;
  x= x + WORLD_STEP_X;

calc_voxels_ = true; 
///Trigger a update of the OpenGL world

///Save the pointcloud
cloud_.width = vox_number;            ///minimize the size of the pointcloud
cloud_.points.resize (vox_number);    ///maximal  vox_number points written
  pcl::io::savePCDFileASCII (PCL_PCD_SAVE, cloud_);
  ROS_INFO ("Saved %d data points to %s", (int)cloud_.points.size (), PCL_PCD_SAVE);

cloud_.header.frame_id = "world";
cloud_.header.stamp = ros::Time::now ();

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2 Answers

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answered 2011-03-01 05:09:25 -0600

KoenBuys gravatar image

The cam_info_rec_ variable is only true if a correct camera_info callback happened. Furthermore all WORLD_x variables are defines and varying them gives the correct response (except for my problem). I verified the projection routine from image_geometry and found no bugs (except for the limited implementation (see my question on multiple camera set-up )).

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answered 2011-03-01 03:31:48 -0600

raphael favier gravatar image

updated 2011-03-01 03:33:39 -0600

Hey Koen,

a few basic checks :

  • are you confident with the correctness of your different WORLD_X constants?
  • is your camera model initialized correctly? Via a call to fromCameraInfo(info_msg) for instance. (see code line 43 of the tf to image tutorial)

Hope it helps


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