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Hi all, I'm trying to control a simulated quadrotor on gazebo with moveit,I have succesfully configured the system with the urdf of the quadrotor, and I have connected the simulated rgbd sensor. When I try the system in the rviz plugin everything work fine, but I have no idea on how to create the necessary controller.yaml file to connect it with the simulated quadrotor. On the moveit help pages it's only said that

MoveIt! currently talks to controllers that offer the FollowJointTrajectory Action interface

I know that the quadrotor could be controlled via /cmd_vel topic, but I don't know if it's possible and how to use moveit to control the simulated UAV.

Also is it normal that when I spawn an uav it isn't stable at all? It drifts at high speed on the right...

For my test I'm using the "spawn_quadrotor_with_asus" launch file and an empty world in gazebo.

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