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Steps to create my own robot

asked 2013-07-15 00:13:21 -0500

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Hi All,

I am a beginner user with ROS and I read some tutorials about it and I finished all the beginner level and I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and ROS Groovy.

My question is: I need the software steps (step by step) of how to build my own robot using ROS? as till now I am NOT knowing how to start to build my own robot, I do not mean how to create robot at general?, I mean What should I learn first in ROS then second then third ...... to create my own designed robot at the final

Thank you

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answered 2013-07-15 00:37:38 -0500

130s gravatar image

This answer to your previous question still sounds valid to me. Please read it thoroughly, consider the suggestions and advices there.

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And work through the tutorials.

Bill Smart gravatar image Bill Smart  ( 2013-07-15 06:38:14 -0500 )edit

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