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I got an error when running AMCL based navigation. It runs in loop asked me to give transformation from /map to /base_link. I believe that should be given by AMCL right? I see through the previous solution on the ROS_answers. Non of the previous suggestion helps solve the problem

here Im not running on actual robot. Just using laser to do localization by giving a fake odom. All I need to see is the correct planed path and correct cmd_vel. Im going to runn this node on quadcopter. So I don`t have a odom

My launch file consist of standard configuration in ROS_NAVIGATION tutorial.



tf base_link to laser

tf base_link to odom
So I set odom frame always correct and it is precisely at base_link.

map server

AMCL here I set odom frame to be base_link or world

move_base and rviz

the move_base and all other node works when using together with Gmapping node. But it is too much computational power for small uav system to handle. Only difference is I replaced the Gmapping with the map server and AMCL

tf in the rviz shows /laser /base_link /odom is shown But /map and /world is missing

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