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gazebo collision detection

asked 2012-09-07 09:16:54 -0600

rjmurphy gravatar image

Hi all,

I am looking to perform collision detection between specific links in a model both internally (e.g. link 1 to link 2 of model 1) and externally (e.g. link 1 of model 1 to any part of model 2). My initial intention was to write a gazebo model/world plugin to assess the collisions of the links and perform actions (i.e. apply joint torques) accordingly; however, I can't find a way to access the collision elements. Suggestions? (Note, this is similiar to the post

I've tried using the gazebo_ros_bumper as suggested in the post referenced above, but always see the state returning [] and an error message: "Contact sensor[link_name_contact_sensor] has no collsion[link_name_geom]" Otherwise, there are no error messages while setting up the bumper.

I'm running the current version of fuerte on Ubuntu 12.04.


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answered 2012-09-07 19:53:33 -0600

ThomasK gravatar image
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