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Docker ROS with Windows

asked 2022-04-13 06:13:21 -0600

mros gravatar image

updated 2022-04-13 06:27:14 -0600

Hi, I want to take your opinion about the functioning of ROS and Docker and the good way to use that. Basically, I develop under ubuntu 20.04 with ROS Noeitc except that now I have to make an application that communicates with another application under windows. So, there is the method proposed here ( but I have a lot of errors when I compile my application. Now, I aim to use Docker. I Installed WSL2 and I used it with Ubuntu 20.04 without Docker. My question, it is possible to run my application based on ROS Noetic with Docker directly under Windows 10 ? or do I have to use it with Ubuntu 20.04 and WSL2? Because If use Ubuntu 20.04 and WSL2 (under Windows 10) and my application works, what is the benefit to use Docker. Thank you.

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answered 2022-06-10 04:52:11 -0600

ruffsl gravatar image

For ROS1, I'd say that windows support has always been a bit rough. I've found using WSL to keep my ROS development in linux when running on windows to be a practical workaround, when combined with VScode's remote development features to host the IDE backend like plugins and linters inside WSL or a container.

I sometime combine the use of WSL with containers just to provide an even more portable development environment, such as when I'm switching between Windows or Linux host machines. It also helps with collaborations, avoiding the need to completely reproduce your own development environment on someone else's WSL setup.

Docker with WSL, or even just WSL can complicate networking, as you'll be mixing software defined networking interfaces behind a virtual machine's network bridge, but that's hard to avoid in any case when only using WSL, rather than a more straightforward bare-metal linux install.

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