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When to use voxel layer and obstacle layer respectively?

asked 2022-04-11 12:10:08 -0500

Hulkthehunter gravatar image

From what I understand, if you have a 2D sensor such as laser scanner we should use obstacle layer since it "senses" in 2D and we should use voxel for 3D sensors e.g. lidars.

Can someone ELI5 the difference between voxel layer and obstacle layer other than voxel layer tracks obstacles in 3d and obstacle layer in 2d.

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answered 2022-04-11 13:41:38 -0500

That's essentially the ELI5: voxel layer tracks obstacles in 3d and obstacle layer in 2d. They use the same fundamental approaches otherwise, just 2D vs 3D. The 3D is obviously heaver, so its not worth using for literally planar sensors like 2D lidars. For anything 3D like 3D lidars, 2D lidars not mounted flat, RGBD cameras, etc its worth using the voxel layer.

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