Localize robot during dead zone using IMU measurements only

asked 2022-03-18 06:08:35 -0600

Walter gravatar image

I am working with small unmanned water surface vehicle, I have cameras installed on top of lab providing me pose of my vehicle and IMU mounted on boat. There are spots that are out of range of cameras, is it possible to estimate correct pose of vehicle using IMU's linear acceleration and gyro measurements when cameras are not working.

I already tried to use INS and fuse information from cameras with IMU using EKF for correction but error in position measurements for blind spots gets too large in short span of time. It works well for shorter dead zone, for example if there is no pose information from cameras for few hundred milliseconds, but for longer dead zones error is too large. I also tried to use ekf from ROS2 robot localization package but it doesn't update output/fill blindspot when there is no pose information coming from cameras. Any help will be appreciated.

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