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Retrieving pose of an object from an image or bag file

asked 2011-02-28 00:57:03 -0600

dlmypr gravatar image

Hi all,

Does anyone know a working package for retrieving pose (3D position) of an object from an image or bag file? I used Objects of Daily Use Finder (ODUfinder) and tod_training + tod_detecting pair. They work quite good but I can't retrieve the pose of the objects in the images or the input from a camera.

The two packages can recognize the objects existing in database, tod_detect also gives an estimation of the POSE but JUST VISUALLY. So somehow it computes the pose as it can give it visually but I don't know how I can get it numerically.

Thank you for your help,

Best regards..

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3 Answers

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answered 2011-03-11 07:13:20 -0600

dlmypr gravatar image

If you are running the recognizer node from tod_detecting and are seeing text output like

"Object name = " << object.objectName << ", imageId = " << object.imgIdx

then that is generated from line 167 of recognizer.cpp.

Each of the ObjectInfo objects referenced there have rvec and tvec members (see this) which presumably store the pose of the object. You could modify that loop to print out or otherwise output the pose as well as the name.

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answered 2011-03-10 21:56:25 -0600

jrcapriles gravatar image

Maybe the "posest" package will help you. I have not used it yet but seem like it does what you want

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thanks for the reply I will search it by the way I found the answer maybe I should post it.
dlmypr gravatar image dlmypr  ( 2011-03-11 07:11:40 -0600 )edit

answered 2011-02-28 05:08:33 -0600

KoenBuys gravatar image

You can have a look at the solvePNP function from OpenCV.

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Is it in opencv2 package? I searched it but couldn't find the function solvePNP
dlmypr gravatar image dlmypr  ( 2011-02-28 21:05:41 -0600 )edit
Does tvec vector is represented in the object frame? Lets say tvec is [1e-2 1e-2 1e-2] (in meters), is the world frame is located 1 cm away from the OBJECT frame' s each 3 axis or vice versa?
dlmypr gravatar image dlmypr  ( 2011-03-14 22:29:44 -0600 )edit
You should check the code implementation for this, don't know this one.
KoenBuys gravatar image KoenBuys  ( 2011-03-15 20:44:55 -0600 )edit

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