Issue with my motion and surveillace algortihm [closed]

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I have an issue with my naviagtion and surveillance project. I explain and also provide the code and files needed in my github:

I'll explain it here as well. The algorithm generates a set of predetermined points{each successive point is predetermined by the point generated before it}. it then sequentially sets those points as goals for the robot to follow. After the robot has used up that set of points, a new batch is made and so on. My project requires that my robot engage in smooth and continuous movement unless necessary to stop, therefore the robot can't just get to a goal, stop and then move on to the next goal and stop and so on. And the robot follows these points to produce a movement pattern that is "chaotic".

So,I ran into some problems.[i] sometimes the robot simply runs into an obstacle regardless. This is atleast to my knowledge due to some sot of inter process communication problem, the system doesnt know which priority to take. evade the object or keep trying to follow the ever changing goal. I was able to find an obstacle avoidance algorithm that took care of at leat 60% of the scenarios where the robot just collides with obstacles in confusion. I run the obstacle avoidance algorithm in tandom with mine via a launch file. My issue now is, outside of the fact that the robot still collides with obstacles {although far less likely to now}, my chaotic pattern is broken and movement efficiency is lost. let me contiue in another box of text

When I plot the graph of my robots movement in an empty space, it's smooth, when I plot the graph of my robots movement in a space with obstacles, some parts are jagged with sharp lines and such, I'm trying to retain as much smooth movement as possible even with obstacles in my environment,one of the techniques I think can hep with that is to have the algorithm restart everytime my robot evades an obstacle, this means, creating a fresh set of points to use for movement. RIght now I have been unable to figure out how to accomplish this

There is also the issue of the path planner sometimes changing direction when moving to a goal, further reducing movement efficiency and smoothness. I hope this is explanaition is good? I fit is,yeah, I'm in need of help woth these issues.

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