Navigation with GPS and imu using generated map

asked 2021-10-31 14:24:22 -0600

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Im trying to navigate my rover to GPS coordinates generated from processing of slam map. For this mission my robot is equipped with RTK GPS + imu + 2 cameras (located in the front and back).

Current situation- I use robot_localization package to publish odom using imu heading + gps position. I have my environment map + the initial latitude,longitude and yaw at the time I started mapping along with the tf map -> odom at the moment of using map_server saving service.

Im currently looking for a way to provide my map as static map (along with the points on the map gathered by the map processing) aligned with some kind of world frame. So that the next time the robot “wakes up” in different location on the map he could navigate using this map. I would gladly provide additional data if needed. Thanks in advance

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