how to connect rosbridge another ip

asked 2021-10-29 01:44:55 -0600

hyebin gravatar image

On the same ip, web interfaces are open and rosbridge communication is going well. Now, I want to do rosbridge communication outside (other ip, cell phone lte mode, etc.). If you enter x.x.x.x:9090 through port forwarding to access 192.168.a.6, where ros is running from anywhere for that process, you will unconditionally enter 192.168.x.6, and you will succeed in launching the web interface. However, rosbridge communication is not working here. When I run the rosbridge_websocket.launch file, opens, and in my html file, I put the ip address where the ros is running. (예: url : 'ws://192.168.a.6:8080') However, communication continues to fail. Do you know how to solve this problem?

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