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Hi everybody

I have been struggling all day to try to make things work. I am not very experience when it comes to servers etc I have ROS Indigo in my raspberry pi 2 installed with the openssh packages client and server installed. I installed rosbridge_suite and followed the first example with roslibjs ( ). I have an ethernet cable which comunicates with my computer and I have set a static Ip address on the RP2. On my computer side I have MAC and windows and ubuntu virtual machines. In the Ubuntu one I have set a static Ip two so they have bidirectional communication which I have also tested.

The thing is that when I open simple.html file on Safari(mac), chrome(windows) or Firefox(ubuntu) i cant manage to make them to communicate. I have also seen another similar post concerning Non-Ros top side connection but I couldn't manage to make it work. I have tried to connect with 8080 and 9090 ports playing with firewalls etc. In the Mac and chrome browsers I get:

[Error] WebSocket network error: No se ha podido completar la operaciĆ³n. Imposible acceder a la red (simple.html, line 0) [Log] Connection to websocket server closed. (simple.html, line 26) which means that the connection couldnt be completed and that it was impossible to connect.

and in ubuntu:

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at wss:// roslib.js:1 "Error connecting to websocket server: " error { target: WebSocket, eventPhase: 0, bubbles: false, cancelable: false, defaultPrevented: false, timeStamp: 1439929433337991, originalTarget: WebSocket, explicitOriginalTarget: WebSocket, isTrusted: true, NONE: 0, CAPTURING_PHASE: 1 } simple.html:22 "Connection to websocket server closed."

I think I might forgot to install some other software in the RP side

Thank you very much for your help I really appreciate it :D

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