how to make the robot follow the saved GPS waypoints without joystick

asked 2021-08-14 05:17:30 -0600

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hi everyone,

I am trying to use the steps in, for autonomous navigation based on gps. as it is clear, i should have a joystick for collecting the waypoints as well as starting following waypoints. Now the problem is that i donot have any joystick. i can maually write the points in the txt file, but i donot know what command or python file should i run in order to go and read this txt file and start following the waypoints!

without joystick how is it possible to make the robot follow those saved waypoints??

Thanks in advance

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You can either contact the author of that post and ask for advice on how he does it or you can write your code to read your waypoints and dispatch your robot.

kscottz gravatar image kscottz  ( 2021-08-20 13:52:19 -0600 )edit

I asked him, but he said i donot have time to answer!!!

Delbina gravatar image Delbina  ( 2021-08-20 14:35:25 -0600 )edit