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rosdistro reformat distribution.yaml: error: command not found

asked 2021-08-09 02:57:50 -0600

Reka gravatar image

I was following the ros wiki on how to release a package. Point 2.2. "Adding a package to rosdistro" suggests to run the command rosdistro reformat distribution.yaml to fix any formatting errors after editing the yaml file. If I try to run this command I get the error message: rosdistro: command not found. On ros answers - how to run rosdistro command it is stated that rosdistro is not used anymore. Could you please help with which command should I use to fix any formatting issues? Thank you in advance!

I'm using Ubuntu 18.04, ros-melodic.

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2 Answers

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answered 2021-09-20 17:11:51 -0600

I believe that automatically reformatting the rosdistro index can be achieved by instead running the command rosdistro_reformat index.yaml from the root of your ros/rosdistro clone. It will check the formatting of all of the distribution.yaml files.

In general, it is still necessary to manually edit the distribution.yaml for a ROS distro if you are adding only doc and/or source stanzas for a package. If you intend to release the package such that .deb/.rpm packages are built on the ROS buildfarm for your ROS package, it is probably easier to use Bloom to populate the doc and source stanzas based on the prompts Bloom makes prior to opening the PR.

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answered 2021-08-09 03:39:41 -0600

Reka gravatar image

I have found another tutorial for releasing a package, which is based on the tool called bloom:

In the last step of the tutorial, it notifies the build farm and creates a pull request so there is no need to edit the distribution.yaml file manually. I'll try it out, and if it works I'll close this issue.

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