ASV Wave Simulator and UUV Simulator

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Hello everybody! Thanks for your attention.

I am working on Ubuntu 18.04 and ROS Melodic full.

I am currently working on an surface marine vehicle with ASV wave simulator. This also simulates the marine environment. link text I am also using UUV simulator link text for the messages. The vehicle model was created with CAD and it is an omnidirectional vehicle with 4 thrusters. As a first test, I tried to move the vehicle forward using teleop, but I noticed that the vehicle does not go straight but also turns a bit on the left. Since I thought that the problem might be the thrusters allocation, I tried with just one thruster but the problem was not solved. Again i thought that was something that was related to the geometry of the vehicle and tried with a default cylindrical shape that is symmetrical (again with just one thruster in the middle). Also in this case the problem was not solved. Then from the vehicle my attention moved to the environment. As a first thought, maybe the waves or the current were pushing on a side the vehicle and I setted all the parameters, in the model.sdf file located in the asv_wave_sim/asv_wave_sim_gazebo/world_models/ocean_waves folder, to zero as follows (without success):

<direction>0 0</direction>

But then I realized that if the vehicle does not actuate its thrusters stay exactly in the same spot. Thus this effect arises only when the vehicle moves. I start thinking it is something that has to do with the interaction between the vehicle and the water.

Did anyone ever faced issues like mine with ASV wave simulator? Do you have any suggestion to help me overcome this problem? Is there another Wave Simulator I can try?

Thank you for your time, appreciated!

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