[ROS2 FOXY] ros2 doctor: UserWarning: <PKG> has been updated to a new version

asked 2021-05-22 02:51:06 -0600

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I run ros2 doctor as shown in https://docs.ros.org/en/foxy/Tutorial... and got a bunch of UserWarnings that packages have been updated to a new version. I don't know how to update them, can someone pls help me?


c:\opt\ros\foxy\x64\lib\site-packages\ros2doctor\api\package.py: 112: UserWarning: actionlib_msgs has been updated to a new version. local: 2.0.3 < required: 2.0.4

I have

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I saw similar question here https://answers.ros.org/question/3718... but can't use apt update on windows

Antonija26 gravatar image Antonija26  ( 2021-05-22 02:52:17 -0600 )edit