global_costmap/footprint and local_costmap/footprint should be connected

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Hello All, This error appears to me when I am using the Navigation stack with RTAB map using the ZED 2 camera. Can anyone help me with that error? how can I handle it and what it means? Thanks in advance!

Found 1 warning(s). Warnings are things that may be just fine, but are sometimes at fault

WARNING The following node subscriptions are unconnected: * /rtabmap/rtabmap: * /rtabmap/user_data_async * /rtabmap/initialpose * /rtabmap/goal * /rtabmap/gps/fix * /rtabmap/imu * /rtabmap/global_pose * /rtabmap/goal_node * /zed2/zed2_state_publisher: * /zed2/joint_states * /planner/move_base: * /planner/move_base/cancel * /planner/move_base_simple/goal

Found 1 error(s).

ERROR The following nodes should be connected but aren't: * /planner/move_base->/planner/move_base (/planner/move_base/global_costmap/footprint) * /planner/move_base->/planner/move_base (/planner/move_base/local_costmap/footprint)

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How are passing params for the costmaps?

skpro19 gravatar image skpro19  ( 2021-05-02 12:50:59 -0500 )edit

In the launch file:

<node pkg="move_base" type="move_base" respawn="false" name="move_base" output="screen"> <rosparam file="$(find rtab_nav)/config/costmap_common_params.yaml" command="load" ns="global_costmap"/> <rosparam file="$(find rtab_nav)/config/costmap_common_params.yaml" command="load" ns="local_costmap"/> <rosparam file="$(find rtab_nav)/config/local_costmap_params.yaml" command="load"/> <rosparam file="$(find rtab_nav)/config/global_costmap_params.yaml" command="load"/> <rosparam file="$(find rtab_nav)/config/move_base_params.yaml" command="load"/> <rosparam file="$(find rtab_nav)/config/navfn_global_planner_params.yaml" command="load"/> <rosparam file="$(find rtab_nav)/config/dwa_local_planner_params.yaml" command="load"/> </node>

MahmoudF98 gravatar image MahmoudF98  ( 2021-05-04 18:06:09 -0500 )edit

Please format the code properly (selct and press Ctrl + K). Also, what do you mean by following nodes should be connected ?

skpro19 gravatar image skpro19  ( 2021-05-07 06:06:05 -0500 )edit