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I know that this is probably one of the most easiest question ever asked.

How do I get the Type of the points published in sensor_msgs::pointcloud2?

The idea is to write my own filter and I suppose the code will look like that:

/* Code Skeleton for Ros-Node, with input as PCL::Pointcloud<T> */
for(point<T> point in input::Points)
     { point::_z=0;
/* Publish processed data */

I know, that it is not the best idea to simply put the coordinates of the points to 0,0,0 :-)


According to the wiki it is velodyne_pointcloud::PointXYZIR which means I have to change

for(point<T> point in input::Points)


for(velodyne_pointcloud::PointXYZIR point in input::Points)


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