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which is the best local planner for autonomous mobile robot to work at speed of 1 m/s ? [closed]

asked 2020-09-30 06:35:28 -0500

PiyushThapar gravatar image

Hi, I am working with ubuntu 16.04, ros-kinetic, and was looking for a good planner that can help me navigate my diff-drive based mobile robot at speed of 1 m/sec or more also I am working on both move_base as well as locomove_base/locomotor. I have already tested dwa planner and its not working for me, I was only able to plan at maximum speed of 0.6 m/sec.

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answered 2020-10-13 14:22:32 -0500

tropic gravatar image

You should try out teb local planner It has worked out quite well for me for >1m/s diff drive mobile robots, and to a large extent also for omni-directional (holonomic) mobile robots

You can install it for kinetic by running:

$ sudo apt install ros-kinetic-teb-local-planner

And set your local planner in your move_base node:

<param name="base_local_planner" value="teb_local_planner/TebLocalPlannerROS" />

There are many parameters to tune, so check out the wiki for the parameters, guides, and tutorials. I can highly recommend to use rqt dynamic reconfigure to tune the settings.

I have not tried it with locomove_base, but would be interesting to test out.

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Thanks but dwb planner worked for me. Actually, the problem was with my gazebo plugin, it wasn't able to reach 1m/sec but cmd_vel was being published 1 m/sec so I increased the torque and after that, the planner is planning the path correctly.

PiyushThapar gravatar image PiyushThapar  ( 2020-10-14 02:44:00 -0500 )edit

I would say TEB LOCAL PLANNER is the best local planner to use, when you want the robot to move only forward with good linear velocity and have good clearance when traveling in narrow regions.

tony_stark gravatar image tony_stark  ( 2022-11-09 18:53:54 -0500 )edit

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