getting navigation stack working using a Slamtec M1M1 mapper lidar and gmapping

asked 2020-07-16 19:20:34 -0500

fred gravatar image

I'm using a Leo Rover robot platform running ubuntu 18.04 with ROS Kinetic on a raspberry pi 4. I have a Wi-Fi connected LiDAR mapper, slamtec m1m1, that provides it's own SLAM stack, including laser scan and map. I'm trying to use this mapper only for it's /slamtec_ros_sdk_server_node/scan laser scan message for navigation. The raspberry has a WiFi AP and the LiDAR connects to it. The mappers server node is run from a laptop running ubuntu 18.05 and ROS Melodic on the same network.

I used topic_tools to remap /slamtec_ros_sdk_server_node/scan -> /scan and a static_transform_publisher to create a [base_link] -> [laser] transform. With this I was able to get gmapping to generate a map for me. I saved this out with map_server. It generates the occasional error about timing so I synched the clock of both laptop and raspberry with chrony.

How can I use only the laser scan data from a wifi connected mapper for navigation?

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