Need Help Fixing Turtlebot3 Simulation Files on Rviz

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I'm new to ROS here. I'm on a desktop running Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS, kernal version 5.3.0-53-generic and I'm using ROS Melodic.

I was trying to bring the Turtlebot 3 burger simulation model into Rviz so I could learn gmapping and navigation with the turtlebot's lidar, but Rviz throws lots of errors about the robot model "No transform from [Links] to [Fixed Frame] (link to picture is lower down).

I first opened Gazebo and turtlebot 3 burger with:

roslaunch turtlebot3_gazebo turtlebot3_world.launch

This works perfectly fine and imports the turtlebot 3 burger model without breaking it. The model is functional and I have tried out the Turtlebot 3 autonomous simulation which works fine. I have used rosdep to make sure I have all the relevant packages for the Turtlebot simulation.

However, when I try to open Rviz with:

rosrun rviz rviz

and then click "add" and then "robot model" in the menu I get a long list of errors:

In the "fixed frame" context menu I can only select between "odom" and "base_footprint". I have been reading the other forum posts with similar issues to mine and it appears this has something to do with robot_state_publisher not publishing the proper information.

However, I didn't find the ROS wiki on the robot_state_publisher too informative and I am not sure how to troubleshoot the transformations with this tool. I also did tf tutorials #1 on writing a broadcaster and listener in Python up to tf tutorial #3 on adding a frame which I believe are relevant to my problem but I am unable to connect the dots to figure out how to implement a fix. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Thank you for providing such good information. First, to clarify, you are trying the rosrun rviz rviz command while the Gazebo simulation is still running, right? Also, are you following a tutorial, like this Robotis one? To investigate further, it would help to check the output from rosrun rqt_tf_tree rqt_tf_tree (plot of available transforms), rosnode list (make sure robot_state_publisher is running), and rosparam get /robot_description (make sure it's set to the parsed .urdf file).

tryan gravatar image tryan  ( 2020-11-24 08:55:34 -0500 )edit