Velocity overwriting issue when physical controller is connected

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Hello to everyone!

I'm sending trajectory to the robot using descartes path-planner. I was previously working mostly in simulation. I was able to send the trajectory to the physical robot and it was executing it, but without possibility to set the velocity parameters. I found that descartescartes is using delta time to get to next pose. So i calculated parameters to the right value i need using distance formula. This worked for me and affected visibly in simulation, i was able to define velocity parameters between the points. But when i connected my laptop to the physical robot controller, it is not affecting anymore. Looks like that maybe physical controller is overwriting the values? I don't really know.

So my question is, what is affecting to the physical robot velocity parameters, and how can i remove velocity overwriting/ set velocity parameters when physical controller is connected? Or maybe here is other solutions? My main task is to be able to set the robot to move at a constant speed between every point. 40mm/min for example.

I'm using: Descartes for path planning. RViz for simulation. Stäubli TX40 robot with cs8c controller. Configurated with MoveIt. (moveit_config, moveit_planning_execution.launch) staubli_experimental. ROS melodic.

I don't have a strong knowledge when it comes to the physical robot, as i was working mostly in simulation, and robot was initialized with ROS by a previous developer. Hope i provided all necessary information and solution could be found. Thanks in advance to everyone!

Just in case, link to the project

Edit. And of course, i'm using Ubuntu 18.04

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