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asked 2020-02-19 16:41:27 -0500

epsilon11101 gravatar image

HI! im using this package for grasp generator , but i had the below error , i cant foud a solution , for this error , im triyng to replicate the grasp_pose_visualizer_demo.cpp with my own configuration , but it dosent works , has anyone can help me please

Im using kinetic ROS version.

process[joint_state_publisher-1]: started with pid [9916]
process[joint_state_desired_publisher-2]: started with pid [9917]
process[robot_state_publisher-3]: started with pid [9918]
process[moveit_grasps_demo-4]: started with pid [9925]
[ INFO] [1582151430.341388679]: Grasp Poses Visualizer
[ INFO] [1582151430.351252575]: End Effector: gripper
[ INFO] [1582151430.351296709]: Planning Group: arm
[ INFO] [1582151430.947705762]: No planning scene passed into moveit_visual_tools, creating one.
[ INFO] [1582151430.960129608]: Loading robot model 'brazo'...
[ INFO] [1582151430.960245690]: No root/virtual joint specified in SRDF. Assuming fixed joint
[ WARN] [1582151431.293907899]: Could not identify parent group for end-effector 'gripper_eef'
[ INFO] [1582151432.449661323]: Publishing maintained planning scene on ''
[ WARN] [1582151433.450576079]: Joint 'virtual_joint' does not exist.
[ WARN] [1582151433.450800916]: Unable to apply virtual joint transform, hideRobot() functionality is disabled
[ERROR] [1582151433.505550943]: Group '' not found in model 'brazo'
[ERROR] [1582151433.505593642]: Link '' not found in model 'brazo'
[moveit_grasps_demo-4] process has died [pid 9925, exit code -11, cmd /home/ixmatix-manuel/openDog_arm/devel/lib/moveit_grasps/moveit_grasps_grasp_poses_visualizer_demo __name:=moveit_grasps_demo __log:=/home/ixmatix-manuel/.ros/log/65874568-5367-11ea-b347-9822ef891d27/moveit_grasps_demo-4.log].
log file: /home/ixmatix-manuel/.ros/log/65874568-5367-11ea-b347-9822ef891d27/moveit_grasps_demo-4*.log

The error occurs in this line : grasp_data_.reset(new GraspData(nh_, ee_group_name_, visual_tools_->getRobotModel()));

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answered 2020-02-29 11:49:10 -0500

fvd gravatar image

You are not initializing either your move group or your robot correctly, since the group and link are empty. Try to follow the tutorial code more closely or post the parts that cause the issue.

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Asked: 2020-02-19 16:41:27 -0500

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