md5 error while saving planning scene/state from RVIZ to MongodBdatabase

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I am using Ubuntu 16.04 with ROS kinetic. I want to create a planning scene in moveit to benchmark planners for my ur3 robot.

  1. I have followed these instructions to install MongoDB.
  2. I also installed the warehouse_ros_mongo gollowing these instructions

  3. After this I am able to start the Mongod server using the following command:

    sudo service mongod start

  4. I checked the status of the mongod server using the command

    sudo service mongod status

  5. The database was active and running and no errors.
  6. Then I launched the moveit config file

    roslaunch ur3_robot_moveit_config demo.launch db:=true

  7. And I pressed the connect button under the Warehouse tab and the database got connected. But I got an error in the terminal stating that

    [ERROR] [1574822528.518171355]: backgroundJob already running: PeriodicTaskRunner

  8. Next I loaded an object into the planning scene and I pressed Save scene button in the stored scenes tab. But I got an error:

    [ERROR] [1574822372.069618242]: filemd5 failed

  9. I also tried saving states but received the same error.

    [ERROR] [1574822534.819973607]: Cannot save robot state on the database: filemd5 failed

How to fix this error ? If anyone have come across this issue before , kindly suggest some solution to fix this !

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I have a same question on Franka Panda Arm.

PIziziPI gravatar image PIziziPI  ( 2020-07-15 05:43:07 -0500 )edit