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how to use gazebo without the inertial tag?

asked 2019-11-08 19:02:28 -0600

panches gravatar image

updated 2022-06-05 11:34:57 -0600

lucasw gravatar image

Hi, I want to use ros to control my humanoid model in gazebo, my humanoid model should only move his legs and ros is supposed to send angles to change the position of the knee, hip and ankle.

I have developed a urdf file with all the visuals and joints, but now I want to make the model walk, sit and do any other movement we can do with our legs using the angles ros sends to gazebo. I want my model to make those moves without physical effect, which I mean by that is that my model would work without the inertial tag and his values of mass and momentum. Is that possible?

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answered 2019-11-10 11:18:50 -0600

argos gravatar image

You can try just using rviz instead of using gazebo. The rviz models don't require physics attributes.

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I used rviz to check if my model was human-like and the movements were okay, but, as far as I know, rviz do not know if the model's feet are on the ground or not, and I want that my model to be able to walk only with the joint's angle information. For this to work I believe the model should know where the ground is, otherwise the model is going to move its legs on the same place, changing the angles, but it will not changing its position on space. But I do not have much experience with rviz, is it possible to do what I just said in rviz?

panches gravatar image panches  ( 2019-11-10 12:41:52 -0600 )edit

Yes. You can do that by assigning proper tf frames and tf transformation and add them as additional topics in the rviz gui for visualization

argos gravatar image argos  ( 2019-11-10 12:56:38 -0600 )edit

Do you have any example or material where I can see how it is done?

panches gravatar image panches  ( 2019-11-10 18:51:23 -0600 )edit

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