Aria: Received signal 'SIGSEGV'. Exiting.

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Hello All
From some time I struggle to make it work on Armbian Buster. I am using AriaCoda package downloaded and compiled for Orange Pi Plus 2E. What is happening: After an attempt to run some example provided with libaria package (demo.cpp) with MobileSim running on another PC. This is what I get:

Connected to remote host through tcp.

Syncing 0
Syncing 1
Syncing 2
Connected to robot.
Name: MobileSim
Type: Pioneer
Subtype: p3dx
ArConfig: Config version: 2.0
Loaded robot parameters from p3dx.p
ArRobotConnector: Connected to simulator, not connecting to additional hardware components.
For keyboard control these are the keys and their actions:
     up arrow:  speed up if forward or no motion, slow down if going backwards
   down arrow:  slow down if going forwards, speed up if backward or no motion
   left arrow:  turn left
  right arrow:  turn right
Aria: Received signal 'SIGSEGV'. Exiting. 
Disconnecting from robot.
ArRobot::myPacketReader: Timed out (4) at 1428 (200 into cycle after sleeping 200)
ArTcpConnection::read: Attempt to read port that already closed. (435)
ros1@ROSbot1:/usr/local/Aria/examples$ ^C
ros1@ROSbot1:/usr/local/Aria/examples$ Aria: Received signal 'SIGSEGV'. Exiting.
Aria:: command not found

The same is happening with ROSARIA. What could be the reason? Not еnough memory? Thank you! :)

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