external sensor connection with turtlebot for localization

asked 2019-08-30 06:17:08 -0500

enthusiast.australia gravatar image

updated 2019-08-30 16:39:47 -0500

Hello everyone. I am using turtlebot burger with kinetic and ubuntu 16.04. I have connected a sensor with pi, it gives me x and y readings. i want to use sensor readings for "position", not odometry and "pose" from odometry. i have connected sensor to pi on the robot, i run a python code on pi which gives me x and y for continuous time. how can i make this run in ros instead of pi and make it used in navigation stack?[link text] (https://github.com/HotBlackRobotics/h...) I am confused in providing sensor data to ros, then to navigation stack. at the moment, i just have odometry data to move robot

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