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sw2urdf v1.5 won't activate in SW2018

asked 2019-06-13 14:04:38 -0500

dcurtis gravatar image

Using Solidworks 2018, 64-bit, Windows 10, following the instructions here: to install v1.5 of the exporter, SW2URDF does not activate. Steps: Go into the add-ins menu, and check the "active" and "start up" boxes, and click "OK". The exporter fails to activate. Afterwards, going back into the add-ins menu shows that "active" has become unchecked. What could be blocking the sw2urdf add-in from starting?

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I'm also having this issue.

dchan gravatar image dchan  ( 2019-06-14 10:09:06 -0500 )edit

OK, thanks for confirming that this is more than a one-off issue. We have tried uninstall/re-install and still have the same issue. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about how Solidworks plug-ins work, so I am not sure where to begin debugging. I suppose it could be something like a Windows virus-blocker silently getting in the way, which could explain why not everyone sees it.

dcurtis gravatar image dcurtis  ( 2019-06-14 11:38:28 -0500 )edit

Past the permission issue but stuck on the object reference crash. It appears to me that the message: "Object reference not set to in instance of an object." is a generic Windows scripting error message. (I may be wrong here, as I do little Windows development.) In any case, I am thinking that this message could come from a number of causes that all end up in the "null reference" category. So... maybe something changed in recent service packs of Solidworks such that the sw2urdf script doesn't fetch something any more? Is there some setting missing in the SW model that we may have overlooked?

dcurtis gravatar image dcurtis  ( 2019-06-21 13:14:01 -0500 )edit

i also face with same problem..

soierjf gravatar image soierjf  ( 2020-07-08 19:42:44 -0500 )edit

3 Answers

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answered 2020-07-28 03:06:45 -0500

blubbi321 gravatar image

updated 2020-07-28 03:09:09 -0500

(Just adding this here because Google brought me here first)

Maybe your Solidworks version is not compatible. I had the same issue on a 2020 version, solution was to downgrade to 2019 SP3.0 [1] - dont know which other versions work as well.

According to the wiki info for the exporter:

There is a known STL export bug with SolidWorks 2018 that exists up to Service Pack 4 that renders this add-in unusable. If you are using 2018, please update to service pack 5 or use SolidWorks 2019 or later. 2017 and below may also work

So the steps in case your exporter shows the above errors should be something like

  • Check that you downloaded the most recent release of the exporter
  • Make sure you install the thing with admin privileges
  • Check the logs at <path to your users home folder>/sw2urdf_logs
  • Check whether the solidworks version is "supported"


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answered 2019-06-14 13:36:15 -0500

dchan gravatar image

I just resolved this issue on my side. Although I have admin rights to my computer, turns out I didn't have full admin permissions. Not sure what exactly I was missing, but when I had the IT admin login and install the exporter, it worked.

Hope that helps.

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OK, so we tried that, and got further. But the exporter only runs when logged in as "IT administrator", it won't run as the normal user with "administrator" privileges, even after being installed as "IT Administrator". And then it fails with "Object reference not set to in instance of an object."

dcurtis gravatar image dcurtis  ( 2019-06-14 16:35:32 -0500 )edit

answered 2019-06-13 21:26:20 -0500

WP_zhu gravatar image

It seems like something goes wrong with your add-in. I'm using the same edition, but have never met the problem. Maybe your add-in was installed incorrectly.

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We have tried uninstall/reinstall but still have the same issue.

dcurtis gravatar image dcurtis  ( 2019-06-14 11:34:40 -0500 )edit

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