orientation enhancement for static 3D mapping with imu and lidar

asked 2019-04-07 17:09:00 -0600

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Iam trying to map surrounding environment from a static position with LiDAR and an attached IMU.

  • IMU: Razor IMU 9DOF M0 - calibrated properly, except of Magnetometer (unusable due to magnetic field from LiDAR)

  • LiDAR: RPLiDAR A2 M8 , rplidar_ros

  • Mapping: Octomap_Server

I use the quaternions, from the IMU message and create a transformation with 0,0,0 pose and orientation from IMU.

The output is nice for 2D, but when trying 3D, the walls are not in 90degree angle, rather in 110 or 80. Is there a way how to enhance the quaternion output for this usecase?

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This could also be from the RPlidar, remember that that's a pretty not-awesome lidar as far as lidars go. Please post an image, I think that would really be helpful to identifying if the issues is in the orientation or laser sensor.

stevemacenski gravatar image stevemacenski  ( 2019-04-08 12:03:42 -0600 )edit