What are workable FPS values for Gazebo? [closed]

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I've installed Ubuntu 18.04 on a Virtual Machine (using VirtualBox). There I installed ROS Melodic (and Gazebo 9.0.0). I need now to perform a simulation of a simple robot in a simple world using an ad-hoc controller. However, I've noticed that, in general, my Ubuntu 18.04 VM is quite slow. I've also noticed that the FPS values of Gazebo are around 1-4, which I suppose it's quite low. In fact, my simulation is quite laggy and slow. What exactly do these FPS represent? And what are "workable" FPS values for Gazebo?

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As this is a Gazebo-only question, please ask this over at Gazebo Answers.

If/when you do, please post a comment here with a link to your new question so we can keep things connected.

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