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Issues on simulating a 4-bar with ROS/Gazebo

asked 2019-02-15 11:36:05 -0500

Lucas Morandi gravatar image

Dear all, I'm trying to simulate a robot on Gazebo, with a 4-bar legs. Since URDF doens't support closed chains, i worked my model on SDF with nested models. Now, i need to do PID controls on its legs and after that, implement this control to a real model. Given this, i started to learn ROS and modeling my robot in open chain in URDF/Xacro looking for some solutions, but seems to me that are no clearly way to solve the closed chain problem without a good knowledge on ROS and some "hack" for the joint. I also found some users using SDF with ROS and writing custom plugins for gazebo (which would be better for me since my sdf is already implemented), but most of them are just spawn methods. Can i make a pid joint control in a nested structure in this way? What is the best solution for this problem? Thanks in advance.

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answered 2019-12-30 03:13:07 -0500

Shiva_ gravatar image
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Asked: 2019-02-15 11:36:05 -0500

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