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what is a costmap

asked 2018-11-26 02:15:03 -0500

S.Yildiz gravatar image

Do you know exactly what a costmap is? Is it doing the same like gmapping or google cartogrpaher?

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1 Answer

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answered 2018-11-26 04:53:10 -0500

A costmap is a fundamental concept in autonomous robotics. It represents the cost (difficulty) of traversing different areas of the map. In the case of a ground robot working on rough ground the cost map could be a 2D map with lower values where the ground it flat and higher where the ground is rough/sloping. The values held in a cost map are usually abstract and don't directly represent any measurement of the world, they are simply used to guide a route planning algorithm to find efficient and safe routes across the ground.

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Can I use costmap in drones?

shek21 gravatar image shek21  ( 2023-02-01 14:57:19 -0500 )edit

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