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Adding known objects to collision environment problem

asked 2012-03-24 10:47:37 -0500

Paul Yang gravatar image


I'm following the instructions at Adding Known objects to collision environment, but I couldn't find the bellow 2 launch files:

Start up the environment server

roslaunch pr2_arm_navigation_actions environment_server_right_arm.launch

Launch the display for known model markers (This node lets us visualize known model markers):

roslaunch planning_environment display_planner_collision_model.launch

So after I rosrun the add_cylinder in pr2_arm_navigation_tutorial, nothing will show up on rviz. Does anybody have an idea on where I can find the launch files??

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1 Answer

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answered 2012-03-25 13:01:27 -0500

jwrobbo gravatar image

Hi Paul,

I've just been wondering the same thing. Are you using ROS electric? It looks like that could be a diamondback tutorial. This looks like the electric equivalent:

Hope that helps!


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