using a .bt file (Octomap file) for creating a CollisionObject with FCL

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updated 2016-07-18 07:23:30 -0500

Hello everybody, I'm working with dual arm robot base. I was able to determ the anti self collision system using FCL library. I'm also using a kinect camera, from whom I extract the pointcloud. I used that point cloud and the octomap_server package to extract the octomap and save it as .bt file. I know that octomap library let you to create a OcTree variable from a octomap file (.ot or .bt), and untill that point everything is ok, but when i try to create a fcl::CollisionObject fromt the Octree I find problems:

std::string prove("/home/almosca/octomap/bin/");
octomap::OcTree ci(prove);
fcl::Octree tree = new fcl::OcTree(std::shared_ptr<const octomap::OcTree>(&ci));
std::shared_ptr <fcl::CollisionGeometry> tree_ptr(tree) // it is in a loop, at on the second time it goes in segmentation fault

Can someone help me with this problem??!

PS: I know that there is Movit! but I don't want to use it.

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