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Question about joinstate publisher and navigation ?

asked 2018-08-02 10:34:34 -0500

kesuke gravatar image

updated 2018-08-02 10:35:00 -0500

hi ,

i have a real robot and i'm trying to work with the navigation stack , i don't have an urdf model and i'm wondering if the navigation and the localization depend on it ? , and i want to know if i have to use the JointState publisher and robotstate Publisher although i don't have a 3D model , is it esential to the navigation stack ?

thank you for answering

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answered 2018-08-02 10:40:51 -0500

David Lu gravatar image

Navigation only depends on having a TF frame for your robot and transforms for all the sensor data, but a full 3D model is not necessary.

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thnak you , because i have some trouble with le localization (i'm using hokuyo laser , imu ,encoder ) and i was wondering if it help when you have a 3d model

kesuke gravatar image kesuke  ( 2018-08-02 11:04:06 -0500 )edit

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