Upgrade from TurtleBot3 Burger to Waffle

asked 2018-07-25 02:48:47 -0600

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Hello all,

I finally got my Turtlebot3 Burger and I must say it is nice to see robot with LIDAR for its price.

I'm mostly using it to scan environment with SLAM and navigate it using predefined waypoints. Navigating robot trough simple environments (just walls) works very good but as soon I test it in more realistic environments it starts to give me headache.

For example, I have stand fan with large round base. As LIDAR is on top of robot it only detects thin tube sticking out of round base. When I give command to robot to pass around stand fan it always hits round base, wheels start to slip and robot looses orientation in space. Looks like there is big difference in data coming from odometry and Lidar and robot is having difficulties to define position in space. And I have to manually define 2D pose of robot in order to help robot find its position. To improve SLAM performances I was thinking to upgrade my Burger by adding Intel RealSense R200 camera. Would it be possible to add this camera and fuse data with LIDAR to improve detection of obstacles? Also, would it require more powerful miniPC? I was thinking to upgrade to Intel Joule 570x but I can see it is discontinued. What about Intel Up board? Like this one: https://click.intel.com/intelr-realsensetm-robotic-development-kit-2626.html

I'm new into ROS and suggestions from more experienced members will be very helpful. I hope you can give me some tips to improve my robot.

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